The Goal

We founded to share and promote the innovative ways Sitecore community members are applying machine learning to solve business problems with our favourite platform.

Our goal is to grow a repository of thought leadership, videos, models and sample code as an inspiration to any Sitecore enthusiast who wants to get started in this exciting space.

We’re currently building out the foundations of the repository. If you’ve published a Sitecore Machine Learning solution that offers clear business value, we’d love to add your work! Drop us a line.

Amanda Shiga
VP Marketing Science
Amanda is VP Marketing Science at Valtech (formerly Nonlinear), based in Toronto. Her practice focuses on measuring, optimizing and personalizing the digital experience. She has been a Sitecore MVP since 2012 and writes and speaks regularly on the delights of data, machine learning and digital marketing.
Mark Stiles
Principal Software Developer
Mark is a Principal Software Developer at Velir in Somerville, MA. He’s a passionate engineer who splits his time designing and developing software and working on his energetic YouTube series 'Catching Exceptions'.

He's also an author, writing about his work and sharing his ideas. He's earned Sitecore’s illustrious MVP award since 2013.

Una Verhoeven
Senior Solutions Developer
Una is a Sitecore consultant and developer at Hedgehog. After 5 years of development on different .Net platforms, her main focus is helping out Sitecore clients and partners to get the best possible Sitecore experience. Una is also a speaker at various Sitecore User Groups.
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While I was in Las Vegas for Sitecore Symposium this year, I got to sit down for an interview with Derek Dysart of Core Sampler. We talked about my presentation

SUGCON 2017 – Special edition of Catching Exceptions with Mark Stiles, Pete Navarra, Amanda Shiga and Lars Neilsen

Special edition of Catching Exceptions with Mark Stiles, Pete Navarra, Amanda Shiga and Lars Neilsen: a roundtable about machine learning and cognitive services with Sitecore.  

Derek Dysart’s Core Sampler podcast with Una Verhoeven

The first of a series of interviews recorded at SUGCON EU 2017, with Derek Dysart and Una Verhoeven and talk about the Sitecore community.

Sitecore SUGNL 2016 – Semantics, Rapidminer & AI with Sitecore

Derek Dysart’s Core Sampler podcast with Amanda Shiga

A conversation on Derek Dysart’s Core Sampler podcast: what is new in marketing with Sitecore, including machine learning.

SUGCON Amsterdam 2017 – Data mining, prediction and machine learning with the Sitecore xDB.

Sitecore Cognitive Services

For a few years now I’ve been working to raise awareness how machine learning could be used with Sitecore to make web applications a much more powerful experience. Microsoft has recently made

Sitecore Chat Bot: Ole

As a follow up to my work on Sitecore Cognitive Services where I demonstrated an image search driven by Microsoft Cognitive Services, I’ve developed another interesting utility that builds off

Learn your semantics, know your content! Rapidminer with Sitecore Part 2

In the previous post I wrote how to gather the content from Sitecore and find the similarities among the documents. In this part, clustering of the documents will be covered.